For the hair,skin and nails

Argan oil is an expensive and exquisite basic ingredient for skin- hair care and nails. Argan oil is obtained from the fruit of the argan tree, whose scientific name is Argania Spinosa from the family Sapotaceae. It is also known as the “ironwood tree”. Its natural occurrence is limited to an 820,000-hectare area in southwestern Morocco, which was designated a legally protected biosphere reserve by UNESCO in 1995.With their roots reaching up to 30 meters deep and their mighty crowns, argan trees help maintain the ecological balance of the region and halt the progressive silting in one of the driest areas on earth.

Argan oil from D&A Moroccangold

Argan oil production from the south of Morocco

Experiments to plant this tree in other countries such as the United States and Israel have failed. Even in Morocco, it is only possible to plant the argan tree in the south of Morocco. Therefore, this “Moroccan gold” is so valuable and the amount that can be produced is relatively very small compared to the demand on the world market, which is reflected in the price. Unfortunately, by very many the precious argan oil is stretched. Customers who do not know argan oil or the correct effect of pure argan oil are, of course, neither enthusiastic nor euphoric.

Therefore, we have made it our business to bring this precious and pure argan oil to the appreciative customer.

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